Bermuda Pano (66 of 366)

Panoramic View of Bermuda from Gibb's Hill Lighthouse

2016 Photo a Day, 66 of 366: Panoramic View of Bermuda from Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse

This horizontal panorama view of Bermuda from Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse is hard to appreciate when shrunk down like above.  The original is is over 20,000 pixels wide.  On the left you have Jews Bay in the foreground and in the distance (near the horizon) is the Royal Navy Dockyards.  In the middle near the horizon is a white clump of buildings that is actually Hamilton.  And the pink building on the right is The Fairmont hotel.

To get a sense of detail, below is a 100% zoom in on the boats in Jews Bay (near the right bottom corner)

Jews Bay Boats 100%

Jews Bay Boats 100%

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