Winter Storms & Best Made Plans (67 of 366)

Snow covered Bridalveil Creek in Yosemite Valley

2016 Photo a Day, 67 of 366: Snow covered Bridalveil Creek in Yosemite Valley

This past weekend we had a late season winter storm roll through California. And seeing that there was snow forecasted for Yosemite Valley, the family and I made plans for a last minute  road trip to experience the valley in snow.  If you have never been in Yosemite valley during a snow storm add it to you bucket list; it’s quite magical how quiet everything gets and how a fresh coat of snow on the landscape can change the valley.

The photo below is looking upstream on Bridalveil Creek.  And unfortunately, it was not from this past weekend.  This was dug out of the offline archive and taken back in late March of 2009.  Our last minute plans were a bit too aggressive and multiple family situations got us delayed on Saturday morning.  Then when I checked the forecast I saw a Winter Storm warning.  Combining the two, we decided to cancel our trip.  And maybe that wasn’t the worst thing, as the entire purpose of the trip was to experience a snow covered Yosemite Valley on Sunday morning and here is what it looked like:

Yosemite Medow Webcam Screenshot 20160306

This is the webcam view from the Ahawahnee Meadow…thought I guess now this is really the Majestic Yosemite Meadow (the whole backstory behind the need to rename things I think is a sad reflection of our current state as a nation…and I hope the PTO or courts return the people’s assets to the people).  So in some ways, glad the circumstances caused us to change our last minute plans last second.  The family was all a bit bummed about missing out on the snow when we canceled our plans, but we would have been even more bummed to have woke up Sunday morning in Yosemite to find no snow…and I would have missed the joys of cleaning the gutters out on the house again between rain storms.  🙂

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