2016 B2A: Michael Daigian Design (92 of 366)

2016 Bouquets to Art - Michael Daigian Designs

2016 Photo a Day, 92 of 366: 2016 Bouquets to Art – Michael Daigian Designs

Here comes the flowers…and the art…Bouquets to Art 2016 is in full swing all this week at the San Francisco de Young Museum.  My wife is one of the floral designers who has been participating in Bouquets to Art for a number of years now, either under her own name or with Michael Daigian of Michael Daigian Designs.  This is the piece that Michael and her did for this year’s show.  I really like how they found containers that both match and play off of the art work and then how the containers plus flowers plus artwork become a whole new collective.

This is one of the design methods that floral designers will use, create a design that works with the art work such that 1 + 1 = 3.  Other times they will create a design that is influence by the art work, sharing shapes, colors, and textures.  Sometimes there is the rare occasion where the design and the artwork can become one and when viewed from the correct spot they fuse together.  This year there were a couple of pieces like that that really jumped out at me.

I’ll be working thru the photos from Bouquets to Art over the next week or so.  So get ready for more art and flower power!

You can check out the works from previous year’s Bouquets to Art in the archive where art prints are available of all designs.

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