Powdery Dudleya (90 of 366)

Powdery Dudleya (Dudleya Farinosa)

2016 Photo a Day, 90 of 366: Powdery Dudleya (Dudleya Farinosa)

The Powdery Dudleya is a California native succulent which can be found on the northern coastline…or in the Tilden Botanical garden in the Berkley Hills.  Like most succulents, it’s a small plant that is usually a few inches in diameter.  I was lucky enough to find one this one that had a new bud shooting out the side.  I’ve posted about the botanical garden before as a favorite place to wander around exploring all the native plants of California in one location.  And with the kids out of school this week on spring break and a few free days in the schedule, we might make it over to the garden…but having the kids with me usually minimizes the photo time. 🙂

Tomorrow also marks the start of the 2016 Bouquets to Art, the yearly event at the San  Francisco De Young museum which I have been photographing for the past few years.  Monday is the opening galla evening with the displays being open to the public starting Tuesday through the rest of the week (Sunday 4/10) with regular museum admission.  If you’re around San Francisco and have time, I highly recommend visiting Bouquets to Art; the first few days are usually the busiest but also when all the floral displays are the freshest.

Note: I notice on the website that the Friday morning is a “photo-free period”.  I have no idea what that means and there is no explanation on the website, so you may want to contact the museum in advance for clarity if you’re visiting that day.

I wasn’t planning on photographing Bouquets to Art this year due to the conflict with the kid’s spring break from school. However, things worked out such that I’ll be attending the gala tonight and will try to photograph the highlights of the show (likely not all the displays like last year.  But with spring break I can’t commit to a timeframe of when I’ll have all the photos developed. Watch the blog for updates…

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