On the 5th of July I traveled to Wisconsin to visit my parents and attend a family reunion. My Dad’s side of the family holds a reunion every two years. One of my many interests is genealogy, so I’m one of the official keepers of the family tree. At the last family reunion (2 years ago), the size of the tree doubled. This year, I added over 250 new names; we now have 1100 people in the family tree! I also take the opportunity to scan old family photos whenever I visit my parents. So I have a bunch of family tree information and family photographs to deal with now that I’m back home in California.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to post anything during my trip. But I have a number of items waiting in the hopper. Some great suggestions for processing old photos that you scan, some thoughts on photography thanks to getting caught up on some reading on the plane, and even a few new photos.

But posting any of these has been put on hold. I got home on this past Monday morning at 3:30am (flight delays) and woke up at 6am to deal with a legion of contractors at my house. The past 4 days has been constant noise from roofers removing my old roof and putting on a new one as well as working with an electrician on getting some lights installed while the roof was off. The roofers move so fast, I had to help the electrician to get the work done before the closed up the roof again!

Now that its Friday, I’m exhausted! I might be heading up to the mountains for relaxing weekend of river rafting, or might just get caught up on rest at home. Either way, it will be a few more days until I get caught up on my postings.

Years back, I helped my Dad put on a couple of roofs. It’s good to know that roofing shingles still take 5 nails per shingle: bang…bang, bang, bang…….bang.

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