Recession Drives Photography?

Tonight, on the drive home from a meeting, I was listening to a segment on Marketplace about who feels more economic stress.  They were talking about the phsychological differences of how people deal with stree, specifically men and women.  I thought it was interesting when the segment stated that “to cope, men distract themselves.”  That men tend to focus on “things that take their mind off of what they’re stressed about, and that [they] concentrates their minds on something else.”.

This got me wondering, has the recession driven more men to photography?  Or has the recession driven more men photographers to get out and photograph more?

Personally, one of the attractions to landscape photoraphy for me is the zen nature of it.  What I like to refer to (tongue in check) as Zen and the Art of Lancscape Photography.  Ok, not really originally, but what a great way to let go of the stress of the day job and the rest of life than to be out in nature exploring (something I’ve mentioned before).  Hunting for that ideal landscape composition.  Or just observing nature and her patterns in search of a photograph.  The solitude (usually) of patiently waiting for the perfect lighting.   It can be very peaceful and de-stressing.

So, coming back full circle.  How many of us photographers have been using out camera to put some distance between us and all the economic stress swirling around us daily?

Anyone else out there share my Photography and Zen perspective?

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