Photo: Site Seeing is So Tiring

Sight Seeing is So Tiring (Sepia)

Sight Seeing is So Tiring (Sepia)

Sometimes The Decisive Moment can sneak up on you when you’re not expecting it.  But, if you’re photographic instincts are sharp, you’ll be able to react quickly enough.  While driving through downtown Victoria recently we passed in frong of the Empress hotel and I caught this image out the corner of my eye.  I simply raised the camera and captured this out the window of the car as we passed by.  I have since fallen in love with this photo…something about the gentlemen falling asleep on the park bench while smoking his pipe…

BTW:  Is it Site Seeing or Sight Seeing?   Hmmm….

3 Replies to “Photo: Site Seeing is So Tiring”

  1. That is cool – perfect use of sepia coloring!


    latoga Reply:

    I’ll have to post the original color one as well for everyone to compare. I wanted to focus the eye on the people on the bench and away from the distractions of all the colored flowers. Sometimes I find just flipping through the various presets that I have collected in LightRoom allows me to start down a path that is a little different than my norm…


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