Scenic Victoria BC

Victoria's Inner Harbor at Sunset
Victoria’s Inner Harbor at Sunset

A little over halfway through the Pacific Northwest road trip, been so busy (and tired) seeing all the sights that were on the check list that I haven’t had much time to post any updates from the road.  Luckily, today’s agenda includes sunset at Cape Flattery (the northwest most point in the Continental United States) which allowed for a leisurely morning to work on photos and find a coffee shop with wifi.

Yesterday was a  short trip north of the border to scenic Victoria, British Columbia.  Victoria proper is a gorgeous harbour city of about 80,000 people.  As luck would have it, my Sister happened to be in Victoria visiting a friend this week so we had to take advantage of the proximity to stop in and spend the day.  It also helped that she had a rental car and we could just take the ferry from Port Angles as passengers sans car.

We spent the first half of the day at the Butchart Gardens, catching the Summer blooms in full swing.  The gardens are a must see for any photographer in the vicinity of Victoria (and they allow tripods!).  I’ll post more photos and details about the gardens in the future.  The rest of the day was spent wandering around downtown Victoria and visiting the Royal BC Museum and their special exhibit Treasures from the British Museum.

The Sunken Garden section of Butchart Gardens
The Sunken Garden section of Butchart Gardens

Victoria is a great pedestrian city which begs to be explored on foot (or alternatively a bicycle).  I’m already looking forward to a future long weekend visit to further explore Victoria.

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  1. Thanks all for the comments. Butchart Gardens is indeed an amazing garden. But even amazing gardens tend to wear on you after a few hours (even worse for my wife as the flowers kept reminding her of work, she’s a florist (oops, I should say “floral artist“) and she kept thinking of what she could do with the flowers in a design! 🙂 And we were supposed to be on vacation. )

    The clouds at sunset made me appreciate the full frame sensor on the new 5Dm2…I forgot what 24mm is supposed to look like!


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